Thursday, January 8, 2009


Happy new year everyone!!! Soo excited to be back (had no internet connection and scrapping activities during the holidays)… I missed scrapping so much, I promise myself I will scrap to my heart’s content this entire week.

Checked my mail too and found out that I got an email from AdThis. Apparently there has been “a big mix up”… they had someone else put the info up for Elisa as her internet is out due to all the snow and she put up the wrong layout. They said it’s all fixed, but they still have a goody box to be mailed to me and will add a little something for the mix up.

It’s all good, super thanks again ADThis for the goody box…. Thanks to all who appreciated my “First Time in the Rain” LO.

Here’s to a scrappy happy 2009!!!!


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