Monday, January 19, 2009


Here’s ScrappinKids’ Sketch #1:

Here’s my take:

Published at Scrapstreet Magazine's June 2009 Issue.


can’t wait to hear
what’s on your mind
have faith in yourself
as I have in you…

Materials used: Papers by Webster’s, K&Co, CherryArte, and AAS, AAS conchos, blings, Prima Flowers, metal embellishment, brad, journaling pen, Ranger and Colorbox inkpads for distressing, UBL Rub-ons

Not so happy today (been self-pitying, I was telling my sister I don’t have a lot of scrapbooking stash - - oo na, ang babaw!!!), hence, I decided to do a lot of tearing and distressing (try it yourself, tearing papers kinda makes me feel better LOL). I tried something new here also - - I used my script handwriting! I had to practice about ten times to make my handwriting look decent enough because the last time I wrote like this was when I was in high school. No kidding, promise. I started using my “barok” style of penmanship during fourth year high, never looked back since. My college friends can attest to that - - if I remember it right, it’s even mentioned in my college yearbook ( “Janis…. has the distinct penmanship that everyone tries to copy….” LOL).

Got that very nice candle picture from Sunlife’s 2008 planner. Earlier today, Sir Raul gave the planner to me thinking that I can still use some of its papers (sweet noh? Thanks Raul!). Decided to use it the first time I saw it, glad I did.

Follow your dreams kiddos.



Lee i. said...

love the rich colors and the flowers. great take on the sketch.

Mei Ann Guerrero said...

Hello Janis, this LO is so vibrant! I love the candle too. Great job!

MyLittleTeapot said...

WOW this is so stunning! How did you do the leaves of your embellishments?

Sorry, Im new with scrapbooking lang kasi and just amazed by your works.

Candy said...

This is just gorgeous, Janis! Really love the colors and the elements you've put on it. You did a wonderful job of the sketch.

yvette said...


jonaks said...

wow, this is a beauty. loved the colors and texture.

Wati Basri said...

superbly gorgeous and awesome layering!!!

Aihara Ramintessah Sanchez said...

wow! I love this LO! How did you do the flowers? so Inspiring Lo!

kOyaJay said...

hmmm... i'm impressed. i remembered the writing though. honestly, never met anybody who could write as beautiful and unique. the flowers seem familiar, maybe in an old vase or painting, probably engraved on a "hard hat" my pop had.

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