Monday, January 19, 2009


Got these awards from Ching. Really means soo much to a new blogger like me (which reminded me I have to learn how to link my friends to my blog, oh well, I hope I figure that out soon).

Not to break the chain, you’re supposed to mention FIVE addictions and pass the awards on to FIVE other fabulous blogs.

Let’s see. I am addicted to:

1) Anti-aging creams/facial moisturizers (nothing will ever beat this one!!! LOL!!! you’re never too young to start using it!)

2) Scrapbooking (obvious ba?)

3) My Nikon camera (hi baby, mama still has a lot to learn to use you!!!)

4) Acrylic paints (surpassed my addiction to Sakura pens, brads, buttons, and Prima flowers)

5) the scent of my newly opened Stazon Jet Black Inkpad (ang bango!!! parang nakaka-high LOL!!!)

In turn, I am giving the above-mentioned awards to the following people whose blogs I always visit (though I’m sure, some people have already given them these awards):

Thanks for inspiring me with your works and your blogs girls!!! Join in the fun and pass the awards to five others. Thanks!!!



Lee i. said...

oh yes, we should never...ever...forget anti-aging creams. hahaha. scent of stazon inkpad? that's new. never heard that one before. well, i used to rub new PPS against my nose for that new paper smell hehehe.

iris said...

Thanks for this Janis! I actually visited your blog just recently and left a comment in one of your posts but I missed reading this one. Your work is beautiful! And to think bago ka palang nagscrap! Galing!

Laarni Pedrosa - Uy said...

wow Janis! your LOs just take my breath away!!! truly vibrant and evokes a feeling of warmth and love just by the first glance. galing galing!

Anonymous said...

thanks for the award, janis!
and congarts again for winning in the designX challenge :)

you've an eye for great design - keep it up!

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