Sunday, December 13, 2009


... I blame the weather. After Phil got hospitalized, Nat came down with the cold and the cough and the fever too so I had to take a leave from work again. Been under the weather too - - I think I also have the cough and the cold minus the fever, arrrggghhh. I'm just tired, haven't got the time to chat on my favorite forums lately, my kids always want Mommy to be around them (they're extra-needy and cuddly when their sick).

Anyways, nothing to share yet but just want to let you know that I'll be up on Bella Blvd's blog as the Featured Bella Guest Artista hopefully tomorrow so please do drop by there. ;o) I'm hoping my feature will last for a few days as I have submitted a lot of projects using their Flirty and December Details Line.

Also, my box of goodies from Upsy Daisy has arrived last Thursday after two months of shipping time (crazy I know!!!). I was able to bring it home Friday night (funny, I had to sneek in the office to get it with my kids in tow after visiting the hospital for their medical check-ups!!!) and worked on some projects over the weekend. I guess I was able to do a lot too in a span of less than 2 nights (did them while the kids are sleeping!!!!) - - I guess I work faster when I cram. I'm just waiting for the heads up when to post on the blog - - I'm looking around the 15th so please stay tuned for that also. ;o)

Lastly, I'll be the one blogging for All About Me's next challenge on the 16th. Yet to do my layout for it though, I'm gonna work on it tonight after work.

Soo many deadlines, too little time, soo much busyness going on with the family and the season and the work - - I just pray for strength and healthy vibes so I can do them all.

Thanks for dropping by!



Sandra said...

Take care, Janis! Hope you all feel better soon! And I know all about deadlines good luck!

bessie said...

Hi Janis,
Love your LO's they look so sweet.

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