Thursday, December 10, 2009


... when sickness abound the family. Arrrgggghhhh. After Phil got confined and was discharged at the hospital last Sunday, it's Nat who's having the fever and the cough and the cold since Wednesday. We'll be back in the hospital Friday afternoon for Phil's follow up check-up, so I guess we'll be also bringing Nat so the doctor can see her and prescribe some meds.

I too have been feeling so tired and heavy - - but been fighting it off since I have to go back to work. Haven't scrapped anything yet, except for this one.

Tuesday morning. Bimonthly division meeting. Got surprised when the secretary asked me what flavor do I want for my Starbucks coffee. Huh Starbucks? Sosyal. That rarely happens as we have in-house brewed coffee ready to be served. Turns out it's that time of the year when Starbucks have this promo wherein you get a planner/diary after filling out a booklet of sorts (and have a nervous breakdown for consuming too much coffee LOL).

Got the toffeenut something coffee (can you tell that I'm not really a coffee drinker? LOL), turns out it was a tad too sweet for me (note to self: get the peppermint one the next time!). Noticed that my cup have this cardboard holder and got a eureka moment right there and then. Instructed my officemates to turn in theirs (they were puzzled why but turned them in just the same LOL) and got these to work with:

Was able to work on them Thursday night. I scored scraps of pps and cardstocks, adhered glitter glues that I don't know where I got them from and those left over green berries from last year's altered CD decors and came up with this:

Amusing eh? LOL. Hanged it in front of the doorway.

I guess I shall be emailing these pics to my officemates Monday when I return back to work just to amuse them. ;o)

Now I know that coffee can be good to the (Christmas) soul!

Wish me scrappy time and healthy vibes! Thanks for looking everyone!



lotsa scrap said...

Clever gal! Hope the family gets well quickly.

Shirley said...

You are such a creative scrapper! Who'd have thought that starbucks logo could look good as a xmas hanging??!!
Love this!

bessie said...

Hi Janice!
Who would ever think of creating parols with those Starbucks emblems. Genius!

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