Tuesday, July 14, 2009


Last Saturday, I attended a scrapbook buffet hosted by Studio Azul and its DT members, the PS mods, Mia and Mitch (Visual Creations). This was my first time to attend an event with this buffet concept and I was soo excited.

So how did the scrap buffet work? The idea was this: we were given a starter kit to create an initial layout and then after finishing one (layout should have photo, journaling and title all adhered to the page), you can approach the buffet table to get your servings: 2 cardstocks, 3 patterned papers, 10 embellishments. You can go to the buffet table as many times as you want provided you can show the finished legit LO.

I am a slow scrapper and so, I told my seatmate Christine that my target for the day was just two layouts. Good thing the place was overflowing with mojo that made me super inspired - - I was able to create not just two but five layouts and a card. ;o) I was soo itchin' to scrap that I did not avail of the complimentary massage offered (first 30 registrants get free massages, how cool is that?!!!).

So, without further ado, here are the layouts that I was able to finish:


Flipped this sketch to make my LO:


This was actually my first layout for the day. I think I got lucky with the starter kit for the papers especially the alphabet stickers included matched my pictures.


Not sure if I got the name of the contest right. LOL. The photo was taken by Lee (thanks Lee!), the picture got a blur to it which she corrected in a second shot. However, Manong Printer (basta si Manong!) printed the wrong picture so I ended up using this one. Totally fine with me, as the picture was shot by a very special friend (so when are we off to Japan, Lee? LOL). ;o)

Special thanks to Ria also for sharing some alphas from her own kit (I used hers for my CREATE title) as our table did not have extra aphabet stickers.


Ain't those berries the cutest? Just want to maximize my use of Hambly transparency! Note though that the pink MM glimmer stickers is from my own stash as our table lacked alphas.


This was the last layout I have finished... well, not really a legit one since I didn't have journaling on the page. I was thinking of asking Superman himself (aka dear hubby) to do it since it was because of his influence that dear sonny got soo engrossed with superheroes. Wish me luck, huh? LOL.

I used the Imaginisce soft rubber embellishments which I won from the raffle. The Superman patch is from my own stash - - lucky, look how perfect it fits my son's photo!


Made this one out of my scraps. Love how it turned out!

So what were my strategies during the buffet?

1) Use supplies that I don't have. FYI: this is my first time to use Hambly transparencies on my layouts - - do I sound pathetic? LOL. I didn't know where to get them locally so when I saw them I just have to use them! Also, I used felt matties/embellishments (I think they are from Fancy Pants) as I dont' have these.

2) Use supplies that are expensive. Aside from those Hambly and felt matties/embellishments, I used those shaped patterned papers from Jenni Bowlin. LOL.

3) Snoop around the other tables! Where did you think I got my other alphas? ;o) The one included in my kit was colored turquoise (is it blue green or light blue? basta yun na yun!!!! LOL) and so I asked the other tables for their scrap alphas. Super thanks again, forgot your table numbers, but you know who you are!!!

4) Bring lots and lots of pictures! I wasn't very familiar with the patterned papers in the SA kits - - good thing I brought lots of pictures and just used those that kinda worked. Noticed that this was the first time in a very long time that I did pink numbers? My starter kit has lots of pink and I was mighty happy I had the matching pictures.

Are there any downsides? I can think of only one - - I forgot the materials I used as the scraps where the logos are would be donated by Tin (she's one generous soul!) to churches/charity (kinda could not get over the fact that they would be receiving those precious Hambly scraps!!! LOL). Except for the Bazzill cardstocks and some embellies, I couldn't remember my supplies lists so I don't think I'd be submitting these for publication (they DON'T need Hambly, I NEED Hambly!!!! LOL).

Again, many thanks to the organizers and participants of this event. Can't wait to sign up for the next one. ;o)

janis (gotta have Hambly!!!!)


Anonymous said...

saya sa scrap buffet, ano?

as always, very nice LOs you got even during an event wherein you don't know what to expect! :)


Christine Tica said...

Hi Janis! Your layouts are so beautiful. My favorite is the "Carouse." When I saw this layout I was inspired to make my own. Iba lang ang color scheme. Hope to see you in the coming scrapbooking activities. God bless.

Issa Virtucio-Lucido said...

very productive Janis and all your layouts are sooo awesome... inggit tuloy ako!

Anonymous said...

WOW!! This scrap buffet sound sooo interesting!! Your layouts were great...as always!!

Fryne said...

carousel is amazing!!! love it!

symbelly said...

hi! wow love LOs!

Horay for Scrap Buffet!

Christine said...

Hi Janis. Thanks so much for attending SA's scrap buffet. Your LOs are beautiful!

PS. Mitch of Visual Creations sells Hambly products :D

Alby said...

Janis, I like your strategies! LOL! I'll keep them in mind in the next scrap buffet. Hambly transparencies are available at Visual Creations. Dami dun!

jonaks said...

loved your carousel lay-out too. super saya natin!

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