Wednesday, April 22, 2009


I did see the light for Round Four... and boy, the challenges are really getting harder!

For this round (entitled "A Time to Lead"), the 12 remaining contestants were grouped and assigned their respective columns. The group will choose their topics for that column and each will write an article featuring 3 layouts, 1 from the contestant to be judged, and the other 2 from other people's works.

My team (I was with Rachel, Nary and Jackie) was assigned the Open Road column - - a journaling column. The topic that we chose revolved around the negative or "not so nice" things in life. I wanted to approach the topic unconventionally- - well, just to be different coz' I had a feeling my team mates will do serious journaling - - so what I did was incorporate humor on my page.

For this round, I showcased my more relaxed side - - I played with paint and doodled a little. This was the first time that I used a callout/thought bubble as part of journaling in my page - - and I'm soo happy I did for it went perfectly with the comic relief of the theme (and the "comic look" of my daughter LOL). So far, this is the funniest layout I have ever done, and the people at home couldn't agree more. ;o)

To view my LO, please click here.

Will I move to Round Five? The answer lies to the judges and to you, voting Scrapstreet members.

Thanks for the support. Truly appreciated here.


p.s. Special thanks to my friends Lady Grace (LG, you're the best!!!) and Idol Cabbie (thanks for believing in me, Idol!!!) for they were the ones who rescued me in this Round. I'll be using each of their layouts in my article - - which I have yet to write. Bad. Will do that tomorrow morning, promise - - just have to get my goodnight sleep first.

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