Thursday, March 5, 2009


Journaling Junkie asked for my photo in connection with my being the guest DT member for March. I panicked... I don't recall having a "good-enough-that-you-can-send-to-challenge-blog-sites-to-be-shown-with-your-profile" picture. Will they accept the one with me carrying a dog whose name I don't even recall?

Good thing I have my camera with me in the office. I asked an officemate (super thanks Vinz!!!) to take my picture after giving him an idea how I want the shot to be done (magpa-photo shoot ba sa office? LOL). Had to remind him also that the photo he'll take will be shown with my college layout so he better get my "younger" angle (forgot that he's not a cosmetic surgeon LOL).

Crap!!! I am suddely reminded that it has been 10 years long already... the only consolation I tell myself is that today, 30s is the new 20s....

and that makes me 21. ;o)

P.S. Hit a dry spell (first time to create only 1 layout for the week - - too busy at work). So sad.

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