Tuesday, December 23, 2008


I was about to use my Sony Cybershot last Friday (December 19) when it completely broke down. As in the LCD was completely white, with a whirring sound every time I tried to take a picture. It has been with me for more than three years already (won it in a raffle by SM during their three-day sale in 2005 - - I was pregnant with Nat at that time, lucky me!!!). My officemates were all laughing, they said it only meant that I had to replace it already.

Oh no!!! on two counts: 1) a new camera is not on my budget right now (the family is planning a major purchase in January next year, and 2) it is a sin not to have a camera to capture family celebrations at this time of the year….

Well, you guessed right. The scrapbooker in me prevailed. So the following day, with dear hubby in tow, we braved the streets of Quiapo to buy my first ever DSLR. I bought Nikon D40 upon the suggestion of my officemates (they said it’s good enough for my scrapbooking purposes). Hubby kept asking me about its features, I just told him that my officemates (two has the D40X, one D40 but I think all three of them have already invested in the accessories) highly recommended it for me (just to stop him from asking more questions - - I was afraid it would be too obvious that I’m not familiar with what I’m buying!!!).

So, we finally got home with the camera (this was a Saturday) but I had to wait until Monday to finally open it from its package (didn’t dare open the package at home, did not want to give hubby the idea that I do not know how to operate it plus I have no patience in reading the manual LOL!!!). My officemates were the ones who took out the camera and set the functions in the menu (or whatever it was). They also gave me a crash course in holding and operating it (well, a little only, we still have to find the time for a more in-depth photography 101 course).

One thing for sure, I’m excited to think that the quality of my pictures will improve because of my new baby. ;o) I’m thinking I will just invest on the tripod and the flash after I completely get the hang of using it. For the time being, I need to practice. After all, practice makes perfect right? ;o)


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cabbie lopez said...

the reason i got my nikon is that my sony cybershot broke down too!!! ano ba yan... hehehhe. welcome to the nikon girls club.

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