Wednesday, February 23, 2011


... sad but true. I think I'm the last one to make the post over at the AAM blog. I'm not gonna limit my favorite to just one, as I have five AAM favorite challenges/layouts!!! Before I share my Top 5, let me just say that AAM is really special to me as I consider it one of my lucky charms. I am part of the team since it started - - and it has seen me got on the design teams of the following: Bella Blvd, Bo Bunny, Fancy Pants, Nikki Sivils, Upsy Daisy, Stamp Enjoy, Scrap That! Kits, and Color Combos Galore. AAM has witnessed my growth and discovery not just as a scrapbooker but also as a person.

I AM THE RELUCTANT SCRAPPER... but AAM helped me open up and bare and share more of myself. It has helped me give up my reluctance so I can be free...

AAM#12: The Year I was Born

Journaling: I was too nervous, but I yearned to be free. No more standing there beside the walls, I have got myself together, I'm havin a ball!

... and not just celebrate...

AAM#29: Royalty, I am a Snob

Journaling: Jackie O. would have traded the hoops for pearls, but I love that the shades and big earrings combo brings out the snobbish chic and channels my inner diva!

... but also embrace me.

AAM#15: Self-Improvement, Your Biggest Flaw

Journaling (hidden inside the kraft envelope): I always have this concept of what beautiful is - - and have forced myself to measure up to it that most of the time, I end up having short-cuts that are otherwise unhealthy and short-lived. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, I have to remind myself that it is in the imperfections that real beauty shines through. Got to embrace the not so perfect me. February 2010.

I consider AAM a major milestone in my passion that I call scrapbooking...

AAM#4: Turning Point in Your Life

Journaling: Life never was the same when I started scrapping in April 2008. I'm a number person - - I have Economics and Accounting as my backgrounds - - so I myself was kinda surprised by my artistic/creative side. Scrapbooking allowed me to celebrate memories I hold most dear and document and share life's lessons. It is a turning point for me and now definitely an all-consuming passion.

... as it helped me know and discover ME.

AAM#1: If I Live to be a 100

Journaling reads: I hope it doesn't take 100 years to know the 100% me. They say it takes a lifetime to know one's self... and how long is a lifetime? 50, 80, 100 years? I do not wish to wait, the time to explore and discover me is now.

Thank you Melissa and all the DT gals for believing in me - - I do not believe in goodbyes for I am sure that our paths will cross again. I am just HERE should you need me.

Good luck and take care.



The Scrapbook Speedway said...

a wonderful sentiment to AAM and amazing layouts too!


elles sont toutes plus belles les unes que les autres, un régal pour les yeux. Bravo pour ce beau travail.


elles sont toutes plus belles les unes que les autres, un régal pour les yeux. Bravo pour ce beau travail.

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