Wednesday, September 1, 2010


Just a fun fact: Magazine has already reached its 10,000+ subscriber mark!!! No wonder as it is not just a magazine, it is an awesome community, a gallery, a blog, a digital store and a kit club!!!!

Scrapstreet is also therapy for me - - really. Whenever I'm in the dumps, I would just clam up on the boards and just read the stories and posts that the gals share and I'd just laugh! You have no idea how funny and fun-loving the gang are! Makes me realize that you can still - - and you should - - laugh even when the world seems gloomy....

I think it's no secret that the huge source of sunshine over at Scrapstreet is the lady boss herself, Dora. Here's wishing all the best life has to offer - - happy birthday boss!!!! ;o) (Better join the forum for Dora tells the funniest stories ever!!!!)

Anyways, this month's issue is super full of inspiration - - my most fave is the feature that everyone did for Phindy's Place. We were asked to create 3 projects and write about our styles in relation to the images/projects that we would showcase. You can read up on mine and see my projects HERE.

I got to play with G45 papers too for the Showroom (G45 scared me before - - well it still does a bit up to now LOL!!!):

Just Because
Sweet Child
Fashionista Pendant

Chic Street is featuring awesome layouts using sequins - - my contribution is my Rocker Chick layout.

To submit to our calls, click here.


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