Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Time does fly fast, and before I knew it, this is the last challenge for my first DT term over at All About Me.

AAM is a huge, huge step for me. I remember contemplating if I should submit to the DT call, as I was kinda scared - - feelings, thoughts, soul searching all sound too intimidating. I was RELUCTANT - - baring-it-all is also sharing-it-all - - I wasn't quite sure if that is something acceptable in "my world"....

.... but I had to be free. I could not let the opportunity pass me by when I could stand in the center and move away from the side walls....

.... so I gave in. Opened up a little of my personal life in "my world". Let people know that I had this other passion. And boy, they are super supportive and happy for me - - it feels great. ;o) I still do censor myself though - - but at least, I've come out and that's the more important thing. ;o)

Little baby steps. A day at a time. Who knows reluctance can be a thing of the past? Got to give it up. Indeed, this is the end of my first AAM DT term, but this is also the beginning of my second DT term. No more holding back....


P.S. You must be wondering how this ties up with AAM's The Year I was Born Challenge. On June 28, 1977, Marvin Gaye ruled the Billboard Charts with his Got to Give It Up song. ;o) Read the lyrics here. Even better, download the song here. ;o)

I used BasicGrey's Origins line. Some seriously gorgeous flora here!

Idea tip: Use border stickers to frame your photo! Don't throw out the base sticker sheet of your Making Memories Tiny Alphas - - recycled mine to make my background more interesting.

P.S. 2. Whispers to self: If you're not so reluctant anymore, why all the hidden journaling? ;o)


Anonymous said...

awesome Janis so emotional and freeing, just beautiful!!!

I think your doing a great job, congratulations!

Fryne said...

wonderful LO! love the colours and the florals!

Mo said...

ha ha...glad you took the plunge because now i get to work with you!!! loving this page...the color the your work!

Melissa Elsner said...

Can I just say how freakin giddy I am you'll be on the team for another term??? Janis.. so glad that this has helped you in your scrapping and opening up. That is one of the goals and you have ROCKED it out! :)

Rach H said...

Beautiful layout! I love the cutwork and the layering- FABULOUS!!! I am so excited to work with you this term at AAM!

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