Friday, December 18, 2009


This mini-album (which used the Flirty Collection) is my last project featured for my Guest Artista Stint for Bella Blvd. I really thank everyone from the bottom of my heart who had dropped by and left some love, I am truly deeply grateful.

I have a funny little story for the designer space pictures shown there. The truth was I was sooo worried/stressed/embarrased/humbled over this issue (I think you'd understand, mine was the most kawawa of all the designer spaces featured there). Good thing, Ate Jaden and Jam (my siblings) were very supportive ("okay lang yan!!!!"), I was able to gather the courage to take pictures of my itty bitty space.

Itty bitty scrap space = one long table + one chair

Thanks so much again Stephanie for the opportunity. I'd always look forward to working with you and Bella Blvd's products. ;o)



tamari* said...

what a lovly mini!
love your scrap-space:)

Sandra said...

Janis, at least you have your own scrap-space! I'm so jealous! I'm still scrapping on the dinner-table..And I love your mini-bum, great colors!!!

Ruth said...

What a fab mini book!!

I scrap on the kitchen bench and have to clear it all away to cook tea or when we have visitors over!!

Kat said...

great, great mini album!

and, im impressed at your scrap spae...its so tidy...and use so many embellies in all your work...where do you keep them all? my scrap area looks like something exploded...its never neat and there is seriously stuff EVERYWHERE!

Veronica said...

Love your mini book- so full of precious memories of Nat...I think she'll love looking back at it! And about your scrap have proved that it doesn't take a huge scrap room to do beautiful work! Love your stuff! =)

July said...

So cute your mini album-truly flirty. I must say your DD is one model-ish. No matter how small your scrap table is, at least you have one area for that-I still scrap on our dinner table.

lotsa scrap said...

Big things come from that mini scrap space! Love the fun album!

Ellen said...

Lovely mini!!!!!!1 I love your blog Janis! I'm from Brazil and I love your projects!!!! I'll follow you! hehhee

Vanessa, Florida, USA said...

LOVE that album!!! It's beautiful :) And that scrap space must sure inspire you because your work is fabulous! Happy Holidays!

Lean said...

what a wonderful colorful mini you made so sweet.
bye bye,Lean.

Michelle said...

Janis, your album is so beautiful!! Love all the fun colors and embellishments you used!!
My scrap space isnt much bigger than yours! My space is 4 wide and by 8 ot 9 feet long. I have a L shape table so that takes 2- corner and the middle of the room one side of the wall. The other side of the wall is a small storage cabinet with a door and 6 drawers very small. Then I have 2 shelves above that and 1 shelf in each corner for more storage. One of the corner shelves will be added above the other one after Chritams. My dh bought me 2 more corner shelves so I could have more storage space. I also use the storage under my desk. If you need any tips what I use for storign my papers leave me a message and I will get that info to you! The wall behind my chair has a small pocket organizer that I add misc. scrap things in!
Hope you have a Blessed Christmas with your family!!

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