Monday, November 2, 2009

AAM 1st BLOG HOP!!!!

Hello and welcome to AAM's 1st Blog Hop!!! If you are already blog hopping with us, you probably got to my blog from Clair, but if not and you want to play along and win prizes, head on to the AAM's blog to start!!!

The theme of the blog hop is "Free to be Me". I think this one perfectly describes why I joined AAM's DT - - I wanted to scrap for myself, my thoughts, my experiences, my life's lessons. I guess after doing the layouts for our challenges, I think I should not be called a reluctant scrapper anymore (I should definitely think about moving to a new home with a new blog name!!!)

Anyways, the current challenge is titled: "I Just Can't Live Without..." and here's my take:

Journaling: I can't live without these:

Chocolates - will never refuse one!!!
Excellence - - I'm guilty of being a perfectionist!!!
Family and Friends
Going places coz' I sooo love traveling!
Thirst for knowledge
Scrapbooking - - my creative/artistic outlet!!!
Unconditional Love
Vision for the future
Yearning and Zest for life

Supplies: Papers: Jillibean Soup, Glitter Glue: Ranger, Conchos: All About Scrapbooking, Felties: Sassafras Lass, Glimmer Mist: Maya Road, Stickers: Doodlebug Design, Chipboard: A2Z Essentials, Crackle Paint: Ranger, Other: Crochet thread.

Instead of misting, I used the Maya Road mists as water colors. ;o) Love that tree chipboard too from A2Z Essentials!!! and yes, this is another Jillibean Soup layout coming from me. ;o)

On to the Q&A portion of the hop. Here are my answers:
  1. My childhood ambition was to become a flight stewardess (believe it or not, it was the “dream job” for little girls around that time!!!).
  2. My retreat is anytime, anywhere when I can grab a chocolate bar and devour it all by myself. ;o)
  3. The perfect day is during weekends, when hubby and I do not have work and we get to spend the whole day with the kids.
  4. My first job was where I met my dear hubby. ;o)
  5. My wildest dream is to be soo friggin’ rich I’ll just play at the stock market everyday (oh, please, pretty please let me win the lotto!!! - - note to self: buy the ticket first!!!)
  6. If my life was a musical it would be called Janis the Dreamer (lame, sorry, I ran out of ideas!!! LOL).
  7. After giving birth to Phil in December 2006, I brought him and Nat to my parents’ grave. I think that was my proudest moment.
  8. My favorite item of clothing is a leather jacket I wore during my China trip in 2006 (hey, I totally have no excuse to wear it here in Manila!!! LOL)
  9. I feel ready for the day when I wake up with my kids on my arms and my hubby on the other side of the bed (yep, we still sleep with our kids on a queen-sized bed!!!).
  10. I COULD live without fruitcakes. Seriously, I don’t understand why anyone will like them (maybe that’s why there’s just one fruitcake in the world? LOL.)
WAIT!!!! Want a prize from me?

Become a follower and leave a comment answering this question: Do you like fruitcakes or not? Just a little survey just to check if my tastebuds are working right. LOL. The prize is a $10 gift certificate from Cocoa Daisy (love, love, love my kit club!!!). The winner will be determined using random drawing on November 8, Sunday. Plenty of time to join and win, right? ;o)

Whew!!! That was a rather long post, wasn't it? Time to get going kiddos and your next stop is Melissa!!!

Enjoy hopping, winning prizes, and being inspired!!!



Miranda said...

Awesome layout Janis. Love the circles!

KellyG said...

Love your work Janis, I am always in awe!

Monique said...

Hi Janis!
I became a follower quite some time ago and very happy I did as I love your work!! And yes, I do like fruitcake!
Have a great day,
Monique L.

Angela said...

Love the blog and am now a follower. I don't mind fruitcake but I don't buy it for myself. My dad loves it so I might have a peice of his. The cherry flavored jellies are my favorite in it.

Clair said...

I'm now wondering why I left chocolate out of the list of things I Can't Live Without! Love your layout Janis - they're always so bright and fun! x

ZoiHoku said...

Do I like fruitcakes? No, way! I don't like them at all. They are always dry and icky!

Angela said...

Grrr.. this is not my posting morning. I totally thought I posted something earlier but I don't see it which is fine because I want to add something. I took a closer look at your layout and I didn't notice before the letters were not random. I love this layout and am always looking for unique ways to use letters. And I think I wrote before something like I am now a follower and I don't hate fruit cake but do not go out of my way to buy it. My dad gets one every year and I may try it but not a huge peice though I do like the cherry flavored jellies in it.

Hayley G said...

I thought your layout was so creative, and I loved the symmetry.
um..about the fruitcake, I'm sorry to say that yes, I do like it. Especially when it's been soaked in rum and has yummy marzipan on top. Not the crappy stuff from the grocery store mind you...then good homemade stuff. cheers.

humel said...

More than happy to follow! :-)

I don't like fruitcakes - I'm allergic to nuts so have to be careful anyway, and I find them a bit too rich and heavy even if they're nut-free :-( No traditional wedding cake and no traditional Christmas cake for me...

Anonymous said...

Your layout is fantabulous as always!!I liked learning some new things about you! see ya later!

KimR said...

NO--I do not like fruitcakes! Yucky!!! BUT--I do love chocolate! LOL Great LO!

Passing Fancies said...

I guess someone has to be first.
I agree wholeheartedly - fruitcakes are not yummy. I Started following your blog today and look forward to seeing your creations.

Kim said...

Janis! I love your layout. What a clever idea to use that alphabet paper. Love all the goodies in the different circles. It was fun to learn more about you too!
PS. I hate fruitcakes. :P

Melissa Elsner said...

Janis that layout is simply amazing! LOVE all the circles. You rock the layouts!

charli said...

fun hop! I do not care for fruitcake--all those little undefinable chunks of stuff. ick. Although my mom is a fruitcake eater...maybe I'll cave in as I get older!

Veronica said...

Yuk, I hate fruitcake!

Diana said...

You know I had never tasted fruit cake because I thought it would taste bad, I had my first taste last Christmas and I loved it. I made DH make us one his was even better. I love your LO, great blog.

MiamiKel said...

This is sooooo creative and clever! Ingenious page - it's breathtaking! TFS!

Tiffany said...

I don't mind fruit cakes but I wouldn't buy or make one. I'll take a piece if it happens to be around. But I love your layout and all the circles!

Cathy Bautista said...

Janis! I just love your layout! You never seize to amaze me! Hope we can scrap soon with LG! :)
To answer your question, not one of those who loves fruitcake. It tastes really weird for me, I even hate the smell... blah... :)

Helen said...

Lovin' your layout Janis! And HATE fruitcake!! LOL!!

Helen said...

Love your l/o Janis! And I hate fruitcake!!

Tammy said...

I only like my late Grandma's fruitcake. She made the best ones. Other than that, no, just too much stuff mixed all together!

Terry Oulboub said...

Janis, what a cool LO with the alphabet circles listing the essentials you couldn't live without; very cool! I love the things you listed about yourself; your love for family - it's really sweet. And of course I can't forget you because I scraplifted YOUR LO for the first challenge I did with AAM, which was to scraplift a DT's LO - I was hooked!

Sandra said...

First of all, Janis..I loved your layout! As always! Second, I don't like must be cake or fruit, not both!
Have a nice day!

JO SOWERBY said...

oooh i love ur LOs , so colourful. I adore fruitcake and make a fab one boiled on the hob then cooked once the dry ingrediants are added. it's moist and scrummy!
jo xx

Alexis said...

Does following you by google reader rss count? :)

I do like fruitcake, but only the one made by my dads friend which is totally soaking in rum or brandy or something and coated in a yummy fondants. It's not dry or hard like the usual fruitcake that don't taste good. :p

salme said...

I {heart} your LO so much! I have been lurking on your blog for some time. I love you work!

Fruitcake? I don't like it. ;-)

Tanya said...

Love your layout! As to fruitcake, I'm gonna say NO! But truthfully, I am not really sure if I have ever tried it!

Anonymous said...

I just love your layout. I really like all the circles what a great idea!! As for fruit cake, I can't stand that stuff. Not even sure why people give it for gifts:)

Deana said...

I do like fruitcake! My grandmother used to make one that tasted like candy. I always loved looking at your layouts on Cocoa Daisy and am following you now!

Sophia said...

I totally HATE fruitcake...not my fav at all. Love your LO...

Am a follower!!!

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