Wednesday, February 18, 2009


...Twelve to go. Received the package from Stef of Journaling Junkie (check out the handmade card - - Thanks Stef!).

The package comes all the way from South Africa. Stef mailed it February 5, so technically it took 13 days for it to reach me (via priority mail) - - which got me thinking: Singapore is way much nearer than South Africa right? I checked Wati's email last November 18, she said that she will mail the goodies by that week. So if she did send the package in that week, then by the end of this week it will be 13 weeks (3 months and 1 week).

How about the RAKs from AdThis? I do not exactly know where the RAKs will come from though - - in their email last November 25 (for the first RAK), they said that they would send it asap. So technically, it will be 12 weeks by the end of this week (3 months).

Snail mail packages... literally at a snail's pace. I understand that most of the time, the DTs of blog challenge sites cough up their personal money just to get the sites running and the prizes flowing - - so I also understand that to minimize cost, the packages are sent via snail mail.

I don't mind waiting as long as they're still there, you know? I always tell my officemates that I have low EQ - - I hate waiting, I'd eat the marshmallow at once anytime.



MyLittleTeapot said...

Morning Sis! Nice RAK you got there.

Anyway just want to share with you my experience regarding deliveries from other countries. Kasi ako, I often buy some stuff from ebay usually from the US, Europe and Australia. Usually, it takes like 1 month or 2 before you will receive either a card from the post office that you need to claim the package to them. Usually kasi if its not like FEDEX or UPS, it will go straight to the post office. Sometimes its already here but the claim was just delayed. i remember before, I ordered something for 2 consecutive months, and I just received the claim card all at the same time after more than 2 months. Not sure if inipon nila. Try to check it din sa post office sis

Issa Virtucio-Lucido said...

Hi Janis... do you have a YM add? Was thinking if we can chat? thanks!

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