Monday, February 23, 2009


In these hard times, it pays to find ways to save. I would have wanted to get the MM faux leather albums - - but they're costly and not really available here in the local scrapbooking stores ( I think they cost more than Php1,300 here). Wanting to save, I improvised and made my own handmade albums - - I used really thick illustration boards (cost Php75 each) and cotton cloth (about Php60 - - although I'm sure you'll be able to save more if you buy in Divisoria, 1/2 yard will do). The one thing I really like in making my albums is that I get to choose the covers - - I plan to have them all in black and white (still thinking if I want a black-red-white combination). For the page protectors, I buy the ones by Craft Express available in National Bookstore (Php230 for 10 pcs). I plan to maintain 15 pages (or 30 layouts) per album - - good enough for the 2" screws available also in National Bookstore (Php38 per 6 pcs).

Are they hard to make? Not at all, you can make them in less than an hour, promise. No tricky techniques, just cutting and drilling the holes in the boards and adhering the cloth to the board. The only thing kinda tricky is finding the box to keep them - - I'm thinking a 13" height x 14" width x 16" length (good for 4- 5 albums) box may work. I tried asking Papemelroti and Accessorize it if they can accomodate special orders - - but I'm told I have to order at least 50 pcs. Bummer.

Should you know where I can order boxes, please pm me - - appreciate it so much. Thanks for looking.



Lee i. said...

those are pretty. what a great idea. regarding the boxes, let me ask DH about his supplier. i don't think he's required to buy as many for an order. but let me check ok?

janis said...

super thanks lee. ;o)

MyLittleTeapot said...

Thanks for sharing this Janis. WIll try to create one too.

tnapay said...

very innovative. :) and i love the colors you chose. am a black (neutral, earth) color girl so anything black or grey, i love.

thanks for sharing your lovely project. and yeah. we really need to think about saving our pesos. :)

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