Sunday, November 9, 2008


Why the reluctant scrapper?

I refuse to be influenced by trends or fads in my craft…

I refuse to hoard scraps that are too heavy on the budget (temptation still finds it way to me - - just check my purchases)…

I refuse to give in to scrapbook stores who charges way too much for their merchandise (which is why I always improvise)

I refuse to be held back…

If you’re in my line of work, I’m sure you’ll understand. After too much time dilly-dallying on blogging (still not sure if this is a good idea), my passion for this craft can not and will not be denied…. I only have one desire right now - - - gotta have a blog for my art….



Nita Ang said...

Welcome to the blogging world, Janis!!! By the way, I love your succeeding entries :D While viewing your layouts, I was thinking to myself, "ang gagaling na talaga ng mga bagitong scrapper ngayon!" Ang bibilis ng pick-up. Para bang ilang taon nyo na ginagawa ito. Thank you for sharing with us your wonderful creations... they are awe-inspiring :D

yvette said...

wow.. so much talent ha.. loved lookin' at your blog. welcome to this madness called scrapbooking. good luck girl (in resisting the temptations that go with it)! :)

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